System Requirements:

DirectX 9.0c or better

Videocard must support Shader 1.1 or greater

Welcome to my world... literally
RickAustinson.Com: The Game is my very own interactive portfolio and demo reel. No more are you limited to static demo reels or flat images. Now, you can explore my creations in not one, not two, but three-count them three!-dimensions.

There is actually a funny story behind that name. You see, back in college I got the idea that having a website to promote myself would be a good idea, the logical choice of course being RickAustinson.Com. So I bought the domain, built the site, and show it to all my friends at school. I was then immediately branded with the nickname RickAustinson.Com, or just .Com for short.

Okay, so it's basically something hacked together with Torque, but I mean come on! It's shiny, with pretty colors. The whole game is built in Torque Game Engine Advanced, made by Garage Games, and uses polysoup collision detection from the community. All assets you see in-game with the exception of the character and weapon model were created exclusively by me and most can be seen on my portfolio site.

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer. I am an artist. I have made small modifications to the game code, mostly for bug-fixing or adding certain features, but for the large part, this is a vanilla copy of TGEA.

Status: Presently, the game is nowhere near finished. A playable version has been uploaded for distribution. If you've stumbled across this site and are checking it out, you should note that this is basically alpha.
All work Copyright © 2009 Rick Austinson, All Rights Reserved.